November 2012

Make 2013 your best year yet!

Here’s my plan; feel free to copy or modify.

During the night of my birthday, I usually celebrate the tradition of getting a brand new planner for the New Year, filling it out, and generally enjoying the meditative time spent planning. I know, it’s weird, but it’s my thing.

This year, I bought a 2013 Planner Pad for Mother’s Day, so you can bet I’ve been filling that baby out all year long! I suppose that sounds even more weird, but you have to understand that I homeschool, I take classes, teach classes in co-op, work, have book releases to track—so it’s functional as well as fun. I plan book lists for themes, when to get cards and gifts for people, group play dates, class schedules, and more—as well as general fun things, like holiday advents.

So on my birthday this year, I planned two things to make it the best year yet:

  1. Daily physical activity
  2. Monthly themes