March 2012

Desert Camping

As children, many people have fond memories of going out camping with their family.  Yet as adults, not all that many people continue the camping tradition.  Well how about creating some new good times by going on a camping trip with some good friends?  However, this time try something a little bit different.  Camp out in a desert for a change.

Why camp at a desert?  Some of the most stunning US National Parks are on desert land.  The desert is where you will find some of the most uniquely beautiful plants, wildlife, and rock formations.

Chuck E. Cheese Memories

I remember when I was still a youngster, my favorite place to be was always Chuck E. Cheese.  True to the slogan, I truly did have fun being a kid whenever I was at Chuck E.  Cheese.  That was why every chance I get, I would ask my parents and relatives to take me there.  In fact, quite a few of my birthdays were celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese.

At my house, there were not too many games to entertain me.  Plus being the only child, I did not really have anyone else to play with at home.  That was why it was so much fun to be at Chuck E. Cheese.  They had so many cool games, and kids were everywhere for me to play with.  Whether it was my birthday or not, going to Chuck E. Cheese always made me felt like I was at a great party place.