November 2011

Origin of Warehouse Parties

­­I don’t know about you, but this year I felt like Halloween was a long, dragged out holiday. There were parties for five nights straight! Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending one in a warehouse off Airport Way South in Seattle. This party went from ten at night till six Sunday morning, not many parties last this long. The name of the venue: Cocoon was not well-known by any means. When viewing info about the party before heading out, there was no venue address displayed. It wasn’t until I made the effort to contact a friend who invited me that I learned the location.

Newly Discovered Show: My So-Called Life

Newly discovered "old" show that is.

If the name doesn’t make you think of teenage angst, you’re in for a surprise. If it does, then you’ll relate to the cheesy early 90’s era drama music that plays in the background during parts of an episode that don’t relate to a particularly dramatic scene. Yet, it almost makes me think of a guy in his thirties, some sad 99% now a part of the penniless wilds arguing, “Man, we were just angsty all the time man… the nineties were rough.”

This dramady of a television show that aired in 1994 is just that… rough. The characters are super awkward. Claire Danes plays the leading role as Angela, a fifteen year old girl: super pretty and super gawky at the same time. She was the sweetheart from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet (1996).