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Living out my childhood dreams

And just having fun with it!

When I was 6, I knew I wanted to be a singer.  To be specific, I wanted to be a Vietnamese singer.  I grew up listening to the music, and Vietnamese karaoke was a big hit during my childhood years.  Unfortunately for me, it just wasn’t meant to be.  I never got the big break I wished for.  So no, I don’t currently sing for a living.  Nonetheless, I am able to regularly live out my dreams.

Turns out, the thing that really gets me going is not making it big.  I can be rather content with performing for a small crowd.  I don’t have my heart set on living the style of the rich and famous.  I just genuinely enjoy being on stage, and giving it my all with my acting and singing.  

I am a local performer.  People do not chant my name when I walk on stage.  However, I am able to get a good amount of the audience that I am entertaining to hang on to my words.  They laugh when I play a comedic role, and they reach for the Kleenex when I sing about a broken heart. 

Whenever I am on stage, I am no longer me.  Nor am I a star.  Instead, I am whatever character I happen to be portraying for the song or skit that I am performing. 

Although I might never break out of the local scene, I am still happy to be given the opportunity to perform on stage.  I enjoy connecting with others through my singing and acting.  So in a way, I am living out my childhood dreams.  I just can’t quite quit my day job.