Newly Discovered Show: My So-Called Life

Newly Discovered Show: My So-Called Life

Newly discovered "old" show that is.

If the name doesn’t make you think of teenage angst, you’re in for a surprise. If it does, then you’ll relate to the cheesy early 90’s era drama music that plays in the background during parts of an episode that don’t relate to a particularly dramatic scene. Yet, it almost makes me think of a guy in his thirties, some sad 99% now a part of the penniless wilds arguing, “Man, we were just angsty all the time man… the nineties were rough.”

This dramady of a television show that aired in 1994 is just that… rough. The characters are super awkward. Claire Danes plays the leading role as Angela, a fifteen year old girl: super pretty and super gawky at the same time. She was the sweetheart from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet (1996).

The characters surrounding her such as A.J. Langer (now appearing on Private Practice) are angelic and raw at the same time. I feel as though you can’t relate to any of them though, because they only seem to stay on the surface, with their problems, with each other’s problems. Angela narrates her life and digs deeper. Though some of what she exposes beyond the surface is quite needless if you ask me. Aw, well it was the nineties. The nineties were good: Fight Club (1999) was born, but it was diamond in the rough.

It’s interesting to note that both Fight Club and My So-Called Life received an 8.8 rating (out of a possible 10) on imdb. Perhaps this is a worthwhile show.