Make 2013 your best year yet!

Make 2013 your best year yet!

Here’s my plan; feel free to copy or modify.

During the night of my birthday, I usually celebrate the tradition of getting a brand new planner for the New Year, filling it out, and generally enjoying the meditative time spent planning. I know, it’s weird, but it’s my thing.

This year, I bought a 2013 Planner Pad for Mother’s Day, so you can bet I’ve been filling that baby out all year long! I suppose that sounds even more weird, but you have to understand that I homeschool, I take classes, teach classes in co-op, work, have book releases to track—so it’s functional as well as fun. I plan book lists for themes, when to get cards and gifts for people, group play dates, class schedules, and more—as well as general fun things, like holiday advents.

So on my birthday this year, I planned two things to make it the best year yet:

  1. Daily physical activity
  2. Monthly themes

This might sound simple, but there are some specifics to consider. I always plan daily physical activity, but no matter what I call it—exercise, workout, etc.—it always sounds like such a chore and I dread it. So for 2013, I named each month’s movement something new, such as moxie, gumption, and fettle. I know they don’t make actual sense; I don’t care! The point is that these words get me excited, and I’m cultivating them by moving my body.

For the monthly themes, I am doing something every day. For example, in January, I’m striving to be positive every day, while in February I’m doing one selfless act every day. I’ll also be facing a fear daily, taking a photo daily, making something new every day, and more throughout the year. Don’t worry; I scheduled two months off because I anticipate burnout, too!

What I love about these things are that they are scheduled for me alone, not my family—so it feeds my need for daily stuff to check off without making us have to be somewhere every day. This year, I think I overscheduled us just a bit—there are just so many cool free things going on!—so next year I’m planning on actively loosening up the calendar a bit for them while keeping my hobby going for myself.

What kinds of things have you always wanted to do? What things do you want to try, fears do you want to face? Try mapping out your 2013 ideas sometime this weekend and see how it makes you feel.