Decentralized Dance Party

Decentralized Dance Party

Do you enjoy going out dancing?

Do you enjoy losing yourself in the music alone or with your partner? This is a fun past time for sure. Though I bet you don’t enjoy the creepy guards feeling you up and giving you a stern eye as they manhandle your ID. Then, of course, there is usually a cover charge to get in to the venue.

I bet you don’t like that extra expense of drinks either. Most bars mark up their drinks by as much as 5 times the cost of the alcohol, depending. Read more here. My suggestion to avoid all of this and still dance your butt off is to partake in a Decentralized Dance Party.

What is a Decentralized Dance Party? It is exactly what it sounds like- a party that has no centralized location. One of the party organizers will carry a mobile radio transmitter via back pack or cart. Then hundreds upon hundreds of people (who are in the know) will carry around boom boxes and stereos tuned into the same radio frequency. Heck, you could even plug in to this party via your Walkman, but you wouldn’t be able to hear the debauchery going on if you’re tuned out on your ear buds or headphones.

With this simple recipe you have an instant party. The best part is that it’s completely portable. Last night, Tom and Gary from the DDP came out to Seattle for the first Decentralized Dance Party in the United States. Tom and Gary and the rest of the DDP crew hail from Canada.


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